I am Silas Silikhe
Product designer, Technical Mentor, Developer, or just a Unicorn 🦄

Crafting User-Centric Digital Experiences


Cargo Flow Case Study

I revamped Dafric Africa's Cargo Flow Mobile App, prioritizing user-centric design for drivers and cargo clients. This redesign optimized logistics, delivering enhanced efficiency and usability, showcasing my commitment to impactful UX solutions.

Chlorox App Case Study

Revamped Clorox's mobile app with an intuitive interface, streamlined functionalities, and enhanced task management, empowering merchandisers for increased efficiency and a better overall experience.


ComplyDQ Design

I spearheaded 'God's View,' an innovative feature at ComplyDQ. By prioritizing user needs, I revolutionized compliance management with an intuitive interface, emphasizing efficiency and user-centric design.


About Me

Empowering through design, driven to challenge norms

Empowering users through design - I am a Product Designer based in Nairobi, Kenya with a passion for creating intuitive and user-centered experiences. Driven by a desire to challenge the status quo and work with inspiring, creative teams.

Let's build something together

Contact me - silikhesilas@gmail.com